I just got back from a presentation by Althea Crome at Mass Ave Knit Shop. Althea is a knitter on the super skill level. She knits with thread and teeny tiny wire needles. I have talked about her work before, but every time you see it, you are just amazed and full of wonder and respect. She is a lot of fun and fascinating and it is fascinating to hear her speak about her work. Currently her work is featured in a few museums around the country, private collections and in the exhibit at the Indiana State Museum ~ Radical lace and subversive knits. You can also view her work on her website – Bugknits. When you go to this site you will see a collection of her work, but the story behind each one is worth making a visit to see her. My friend Jane is holding one of the wire needles that Althea uses in her knitting. I have trouble imagining what it would be like to knit with those and yet she says she knits with them for hours at a time.

Althea directed me toward a video showing her being interviewed and actually knitting. I couldn’t find a way to upload it so I will just have to link you to it. It’s really wonderful so make sure you check it out. It is the June 28, 2007 Knitted Art.

She also passed around a small scrimshaw box that I believe she said she created at a workshop. Inside the box were some knitted gloves she had also created. I have two photos of the gloves so you can really see and appreciate the detail and how small they are. You can click on them to make the photos larger.

The last photo is a doll that another artist created with the character wearing the sweater that Althea had knit.  Make sure once you have clicked on this photo you click again when the little + sign shows so you get the absolute largest photo possible.

Everything about the doll is pretty amazing. All the details are so precise. It truly was time well spent and enjoyed to see and hear all that she had to share.