Now, the wonderful part of the week is the culmination of the Thanksgiving Food Drive.  The parish I work for has a wonderful Help committee and team.  It is led by a good friend of mine and she is tireless and fearless.  She has been battling cancer and a heart condition and she has worked all through it.  She is my hero.  (I do not put her name or picture of her here because I know she would not want that.)

The Thanksgiving  drive is led by three of my Christ Renews sisters.  They are awesome and have turned this into a very organized event.  It is amazing how smooth it runs.  This year over 350 families were fed… over 1500 people.  Like everywhere else, this area has been hit by the economy, and some of the people on the receiving end have difficulty being there.  This is not normal for them.
Yesterday was very emotional and so many volunteered their time, labor, and money.  This is what greeted me yesterday around 7:15 a.m.

There were rows and rows of these boxes filled with all sorts of food items.

All morning people were lined up to take the boxes with additional perishable goods to the homes of the recipients.

The drivers bring back undeliverable boxes where people are not at home or just don’t live there anymore.  There weren’t many of those, but they did exist.

Unfortunately, we also had a couple of situations where the recipients know how to work the system and sign up at different food pantries under different family names and end up with multiples of both Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts.  It makes us sad because there are so many who need this.  I believe that karma will take care of those people.  I have to believe that.

If you ever have an opportunity to take part in something like this… do!  You can contribute hard work if other options are not available.  Everything is appreciated.  Helping is what sees us through these times.